Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy the World!

Alexandre Machado de Sant'Anna Carvalho, M.D., MPH
2009 Reynolds Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship
Dear all:

We are indeed moving towards a new paradigm of action, relationships and association. A new politik for society. We are beyond #OccupyWallSt right now. We became the #Occupy Movement. This poetic-political idea of becoming what we are yet to imagine is extremely powerful: it is the rediscovery of human agency, of that fire that makes us humans to begin with, in the service of hope. Not only hope, but why not, unashamed stubbornness. A courage that says i will stand my ground despite your riot gear; you take me down motherfucker, 40,000 more will rise. We are rising together in a spirit of solidarity that says, first and foremost, "Fuck the Cynics". Aye. Agreed! Fuck the cynics. Political agency as a way of life. PermaRevolution. Make it fun and creative, please! Make me dance and smile while we are at it, taking down the streets.

Let's lay down our old mental habits. A movement moves forward unstoppably when people who are the movement move beyond old frames of thought. #Occupywallst, OWS, is not enough anymore. The whole world is not only watching, it is rising. Not for NY, not for Oakland, not for Atlanta, but for their children and above all their dignity. That absolute realization that we are human, and simple for that fact, we all deserve to live. Enough of surviving in the margins of a foreclosed future. We are the 99% - we are the #Occupy Movement! :We are marching for a new system of reference, we are going where injustice is, we are taking it now to institutions - schools, hospitals, army barracks, museums, courts, buildings, markets, everything and everywhere, together! not marching for the people but WITH the people.

[In a leaderless movement, ideas lead.]

This is a radical difference, that makes all the difference.

We are beyond #OccupyWallSt!

We are... #Occupy.

Plain and simple.


like poetry. Occupy.Vacant what is rotten. Occupy the space - physical, virtual, emotional, aesthetical, philosophical, sexual, liberate the oppressed territory and then occupy it with an orgasm of life.

In a leaderless movement, ideas lead.

Vacant.Yourself. Occupy.Yourself.
Vacant.Together. Occupy.Together.

This we are doing is direct participatory democracy and much more: it's also cultural, technical, environmental, socio-economic, spiritual motion. Because we are constantly revolving everything around us, we are a revolution of consciousness.

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