Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Philadelphia: Power doesn't surrender power willingly

The GA's go late... 2 really difficult meetings in a row--really long, I mean. I take morning off now--feeling my years. Need to pace myself to recover. The City making-nice like the wolf at the door of the 3 pigs--they want to 'talk.' The GA says, you want to talk, come to the GA! This is called Freedom of Assembly--deal with it!

I never thought I'd be in a group this large more militant than me!

I know the big crush is coming--not just here, I mean the BIG crush. There are hundreds of Occupations now in Europe--who knows how many world wide. Demonstrations for decades now have been easily distracted, corralled & contained or ignored. This is not going away and not being ignored anymore. Power don't surrender power willingly. At some point it's going to be about filling all the prisons and stadiums and detainment camps as fast as they can build them... Fred only knows what comes after that.

When I said I'd give my life for this, it wasn't out of blind optimism. If I were taking bets--that's how I'd wager where this will go, dead or in prison. I need to take mornings to put my things in order.

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