Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Philly: Photos

Good images from LifeisPublic

96 tents last night... more every day


  1. Didn't know if you'd seen this mention of your sage words, from a (the?) "Pedestrian Journalist for Poetic Activity":

    "Jacob Russell, the self-described 'Barking Dog' of the poetry world, reminded us that the general assembly process and consensus building strategies have been practiced in Philadelphia for hundreds of years by Quakers. When speaking of the democratic practices being used in the occupations, Russell insisted, 'You can't get any more Philly than this.'"

    From Feliz L. Molina's October 4, 2011 post on Huffington Post,
    "Poets Occupy Philadelphia in Solidarity With Occupy Wall Street"

    Well said, Jacob


  2. hanks, Paul... no, hadn't seen it. I'm taking my first real break since Thursday... 19 hour days, sleeping on site. I miss it! But i need the sleep.. .and rain and coming cold means sleeping at home. I'm going to take off till tomorrow afternoon... maybe sleep late, if I remember how. Go to a lunch at kelley writer's house (penn campus) with Jerome Rothenberg.

    Played a part in the GA facilitation team tonight for first time. I'm in this for as long as it... or I... last.