Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Call for Civil Disobediance against Privitizing our Democratic Commons

If Occupation Philly moved early, we could come back, small wave after wave, in non-violent actions of civil disobedience--clearly targeted at the abomination of a 30 year lease, privatizing yet another democratic commons--and do so without endangering the Occupation itself.

Additional benefits--SUPPORTING the construction of access for the disabled 30 years late--at the transit convergence of 15th, Broad & Market.

I have heard the Sierra Club would help design a new Green layout for tents, and help us with our urgent need to adequately winterize to survive till spring.

The Occupation would be able to devote itself to the larger political and economic issues facing, not just our nation, but the world, without exhausting ourselves in a fruitless skirmish with a city government which has shown greater willingness to work with us than any major city in the country.

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