Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Log

We have LIVESREAM feed now.
Day 4? I lose track of time. Home to do laundry. Can sleep out till Wednesday when rain predicted. Need someone to donate an arctic sleeping bag and one-peep tent. My cushion and quilted blankets have been fine, this mild weather.

Too busy with Food Station to go on any of the Marches. The Family Area--with children. Do a daily Kid March around City Hall

Food Station has become the de facto feeding place for City Hall plaza pre-Occupation residents.

I think I'm going to set my schedule to the 6:00 pre-breakfast Snack table set up, and fill-ins other times for food. Want to spend more time with the Art group and sit in on morning facilitator meet & training

So many wonderful conversations... they go 24 hours a day...


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  1. Just across the street from my government office in downtown Denver sits the state capitol. Standing in front, in solidarity with occupiers across the country. scores of protesters. They've been at it for over two weeks now and have kept a peaceful presence, with the support of the police and the mayor. Below the Colorado Capitol's gold dome, the camp kitchen's handscrawled blue sign reads "Thunderdome" - I take an orange or a granola bar when offered. Munch and mingle.

    I've made it my habit to join them on my lunch hour. A couple of dollars goes in a cardboard box for a few buttons, which I give out to those I talk with over a couple of beers after work. Club 404, Irish Rover, Skylark Lounge - wherever I find myself on South Broadway, I always find someone to the left of me or the right of me, literally and figuratively. People curious and wanting to talk about the movement, their reactions, their opinions. And so we talk -- it is such an easy conversation to start. We find some common ground, somewhere. I give them the button of their choice. We clink our glasses to seal the deal - the button is theirs, but more importantly, now they can take the conversation starter and start another conversation, perhaps.

    Small steps; yes, indeed, quite small. But I do my little bit to humanize a movement that includes the concerns of 99% of Americans.

    Not everyone can participate in the occupation, but all can participate in the conversations it enables.

    Standing with you in solidarity.