Thursday, October 27, 2011

Violence/ non-Violence

Violence begets hierarchy (the biggest thug wins).
Organized violence REQUIRES hierarchy. (The War Lord becomes King)
Violence and democracy cannot long endure together.


  1. You're so switched ON--the politics, the poetry, the pure lovingkindness flowing from you--a golden light is radiating from your blog.

    I want to tell you something really friend Lillian who lives in Rydal. After a conversation we shared about Occupy Philly, she brought a huge pot of homemade soup (and, like you, Lillian is a marvelous cook)down to Occupy. Because I had bragged so much about you, she asked for you; she wanted to meet this force of nature, this (in Levi's parlance) Attractor. And the very first person she asked knew who you were and lit up at the mention of your name. Blessings on your head, Jacob.

  2. Tell your friend I probably enjoyed a bowl of her delicious soup!