Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupation Philly: Glossary & Working Groups

Not alphabetical. Working Groups as self-described & posted at City Hall

Not in alphabetical order

Working Group (WG
Another name for a committee. Autonoumously generated. Anyone can start one. Represents only itself.

General Assembly (GA)
Discussion & decision making body of the whole. Decisions made by G.A. represent Occupy Philadelphia

Bottom Liner
Those in a GA, through regular participation & availability, able to serve as Principle Contacts

Coordinating Committee (CoCo)
Vets & sends proposals to Facilitation, which puts them on agenda for GA & discussion. OPEN TO ALL. Voting limited to those representing WG.
Stage manages agenda for GA. Experienced facilitators available to help guide meetings in WG’s and elsewhere if needed.
The guidelines agreed to manage decision making. Not fixed. Open to revision & change by the GA.
Current Process for decision making (10/27/11).

1) Facilitator asks for QUALIFYING QUESTIONS  (what is this about? What does it entail?) STACK is taken for those who want to speak

2) Facilitator asks for CONCERNS. STACK is taken for those who want to speak

3)FRIENDLY AMENDMENTS. Suggested changes subordinate to Proposal itself. STACK is taken4)Non-Binding STRAW POLL by show of hands, first of FRIENDLY AMENDMENTS,  then of PROPOSAL 5)Binding vote. Super majority (currently defined as 2/3rd) required for approval or rejection,

6) If there is no clear majority for either FRIENDLY AMENDMENT or PROPOSAL,  discussion may be continued with additional CLARIFYING QUESTIONS, & CONCERNS, and/or BREAK OUT into small groups for discussion.

7) Begin again with Concerns...

Proposal Item brought to GA (or WG) for general approval or rejection
Qualifying Question    See PROCESS
Concerns See PROCESS
Straw Poll                  See PROCESS
Super Majority           See PROCESS
Hand Signals              Gestures to speed decision making and discussions and take pulse
                                                of group.  Currently in use with Occupy Philadelphia:                                                 ‘applause/approval: hands-up, wiggle fingers. Disapprove: point                                                  fingers down, wiggle. Speak louder! Point upward. Move it along,                                                  you’ve made your point, rolling motion with hands in opposite                                                  directions.
People’s MIC             When amplification not used,  speaker uses short phrases (4 words                                            are optimum) & whole group repeats to create human                                            amplification
Stack                           Facilitation role. Takes names of those who want to speak
Progressive Stack         Favor those who have not spoken, women, people of color—                                                                       anyone who might otherwise be marginalized by domination by a few

Working Groups (Committees)
Direct Actions                                     Coordinates Marches and Rallies
Food                                                    Accepts Food donations/ prepares meals
Comfort                                              Accepts & distributes tents, blankets, clothes…
Medical                                               Provides basic medical support
Donations & Resources                      Accepts & distributes donations & resources
TECH                                                  I.T. support
Facilitation                                          Organizes GA/ provides facilitation service. Meets daily at                                                              6 PM. Open to all
Environmental                                     Present focus—Stop Fracking/ Tar Sand/ Mt Top Removal
Homeless Outreach                             Support citizens without homes
Outreach & Solidarity                         Works with different WGs – intra Occupy Philly
Media                                                  Press dept (seeking camera personalities)
Information                                         Provides schedule of events & general information
Communication                                   Improves inter WG communications & public relations
Legal                                                   Legal support
Arts                                                     Crafts signs –Occupatioin Art/Poetry
Education & Training                        
Coordinating Committee (CoCo)       Receives reports from WGs & selects proposals for GA.                                                                   ALL WELCOME. Meets daily, 5 PM
Festival, Events
Safer Spaces                                        Develop community norms so we all feel safe
Friends Center                                    Coordinates Oph with FC
Occupy Housing                                 Harvey’s Homeless Tour
Sharing Our Community                     Translating real democracy to our government
Move Your Money                             Promotes moving money from banks to Credit Unions
Music Collective
Philly Occupy Together                      Cross-Occupational/Regional/National/International                                                                         expansion of Occupation movement


Messaging                                           Surveys, develops talking points

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