Monday, April 25, 2011

Poetry on Big Bridge

 I'm honored to be one of the featured poets on Big Bridge 15, (click on my name top of the photo) keeping company with some wonderful writers and poets!  Main page HERE.  Check it out and enjoy!


  1. Jacob! You Big Giver. I loved their cover art but I wish you had illustrated this post with the picture of that famous Philly bridge, you know the one I mean.

    I just now had the quiet time/place to watch and listen to the Fergie's reading on Youtube. I was flattered to see your performance really busted open at the 5:03 mark (at "my poem"), and was riveting until the all too soon ending.

  2. Yeah, those are the poems (the reading) on Big Bridge... I was having trouble seeing in that light, effected my rhythm. Reading too fast, especially the first section (the woman on the el). I should print out pages in large type when reading in dim light.