Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have a beautiful Smith-Corona manual--portable with case. Need to replace the ribbon. Can't wait to take it to the B-2 Cafe where everyone is plugged into a laptop. Put my typewriter on a table, order coffee, and click and clack away!


  1. Hi Jacob,
    Stopped to see what you were up to and congrats on your latest reading. Be sure to post any videos made of it. Do you really use a typewriter? That's very cool and when the great bang comes; the next visit with the apocalypse is scheduled for 2012, you will still be writing. The rest of us will be scrounging for pencils or writing on mirrors with lipstick. :)
    Take care,

  2. I just got this in March. PhillyFreeCycle is great! Have to wait till my next SocSec payment to buy ribbons.

    I usually write the first draft in a notebook, then when it's worked over a bit, type it on my computer. but I'd like to be able to type first drafts... a typewriter can only go foreward: changes the dicipline.

    There's several videos and sound recordings, but not great quality--except for that one a couple years ago at the Philadelphia Stories reading, and another of the same poem but with text at Pedistal

    Been a good year. 28 poems published or accepted since November... all but a couple very recent.

    Have two chap MSS out, and enough poems for a book... been a long wait.

    Always good to have you drop by!