Thursday, March 4, 2010


I was asked to do an on-line 'interview" (a series of rather broad questions... more of an "inter-type," HERE. These exercises, besides appealing to one's narcissistic side, can be useful; they do invite the type-ee to reflection (in this case, on why I spend so much time on the Barking Dog, which garners me neither fame nor fortune... not that I've ever gone out of my way to earn either.
There is apparently a vote/popularity/promotional aspect to this, which might or might not interest visiting bloggers. I have no idea how one gets invited to do one of these.
A second look at this site--while it doesn't scam you for money, sets up your interview with links to cheesy wannabe writers ads--using the post for promoting stuff I would never choose to associate with.
I suggested they should make an effort to match the promos to the individual... why not independent small publishers, for instance...


  1. Nothing like telling me not to go somewhere - I had a little peep, but was careful not to click anywhere.

    I have homegrowntomatoenvy

  2. Hi, Lulu... glad you got out of that creepy house. Made the Adams Family look normal.

    Four months to wait... mid-July. Mmmmm tomatoes!

  3. Jacob,

    I took your advice and removed the links from near your interview.



  4. Thanks, Mike.

    Interviews, good idea. I appreciate you're setting them up.

    Ads... set my warning lights on.

  5. hi jacob -

    i got an invite too - decided i would "google" the site and was glad to find your post on it.

    i am a little too busy to deal with any more junk directed my way so i guess i will pass on an interview....


  6. They were quick to change the ad profile. Have had no problem with junk.

    Visibility does matter, if you keep under your own control.