Monday, March 1, 2010

Frank Sherlock: New chapbook-size poem

Don't Forget Me in the Dimension You Choose to Live In

from Splitleaves Press


  1. Hey Jacob, thanks for linking to this. My friend Brianna and I at Splitleaves appreciate it. See you around!

  2. you're welcome. Always happy to plug a Philly poet!

    You wouldn't happen to be open for submissions? Have a MS for a chapbook, actually two and looking for a publisher.

  3. We're always open for submissions, though there's a bit of a backlog right now. We're tentatively slated to put out chapbooks for Brandon Holmquest, Marion Bell, and then Brianna Scala. That should take us through to the onset of summer. But, I'd be happy to read either manuscript, as long as you're not itching to publish in the next three months. Send it along!

  4. Three months doesn't sound like a backlog at all!

    I'll bring my poetry MS up to date--the other could be read as either a flash fiction triptych or a three part narrative prose poem... something on the borderline between... but one that's important to me and would like to see in print. It's been published on-line by Pindeldeyboz HERE .

    I'll send you the MS for my poetry chapbook...


  5. I guess you're right; it's not that much of a backlog, but it is three projects. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading the poetry MS, especially after that piece on Pindeldeyboz. The second section, "Voices", is especially poignant. I liked its opening paragraph immensely.