Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chapter and Verse: New Season Begins!

Aug 29: Lucy & Olsen 
Geoffrey Olsen is the author of End Notebook (Petrichord Books). He lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and works at the Cooper Union.

Patrick Lucy is a member of the New Philadelphia Poets, a group committed to advancing poetry, space and community in Philadelphia. His work has appeared recently in the Corduroy Mtn and Ink Node (featured). His chapbook, WILLIAM, is forthcoming from Con/Crescent Press. Patrick's disembodied press & blog, _Catch/Confetti, produces poetry ephemera and comment. He lives in Fishtown and runs a web development company called Nimblelight.

Ryan Eckes will  be co-hosting with Stan Mir.

Stan's blog, Best Nightmare You Get,  can be found  HERE.

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  1. To 'Anon' ... because I read Robert des nom Propres and loved it...though it took forever, and read the review. So will happily wait for the translation.