Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jacob Russell: from the Magic Slate

          Chapter's HIGHLIGHTED below are linked to text                                             
                                                                 The Magic Slate
                                           A Semi-Comic Fiction in Seven Movements

                                                            (looking for a publisher)
          Table of Contents
1.             The Candy Bowl 
2.             The Egyptologist's Son
3.             The Persian Lamb
First Movement:                                 Smoke
1.             At the Feet of Dr. Pepper
2.         The Swan Fountain
3.         Under Dr. Pepper's Robes
4.         The Invitation
5.         The Screen
6.         What Her Husband Saw
7.         Smoke

Second:                                               Poena Magna
1.         Yellow Lotus, Falling Leaves
2.         Alexandra Gravid
3.         Mock Orange
4.       Broken Branches
5.         His Calling Card
6.         Poena Magna

Third:                                                  Crossings
2.         (Ah) Teresa
3.         The Cheeta Lounge
4.         The Storyteller
5.         Once More, the Bridge

Fourth:                                                            Flights of Fancy
1.         A Furtive Eye
2.         Her Second Coming
3.         The Ballet Ruse
4.         The Happy Rooster

Fifth:                                                   Concatenations
1.         Ménage à trios (saisons)
2.         Gershon and Alexandra
3.         The Kite 
 Sixth:                                                   Two Digressions
1.         Skiffy's Tune
2.         The Magic Slate

                                                            Seventh: Return to the Golden Mean
1.         Lies
2.         Fragments and Interludes
3.         The Tall Man
4.         Glass
5.         Alex and Yudit
6.         Night Visit (Part One)
7.         Return to the Golden Mean   
                Night Visit (Cont.)

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