Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quan Yin

Kansas City, Missouri. Nelson-Aitkins Museaum of Art.
Quan Yin.

My Vision... 12 years old. She..he...she...
 For my friend, who I'd dragged to this visit.. .almost didn't gain entrance... male... equally enthralled.

I took classes here every weekend. Students were allowed to roam the museum at will after. Came with my friend on a weekday--they wouldn't let us in. Too young. I broke down in tears, begged, fell to the ground... one of the class instructors recognized me... told the guards to admit us.

I played guide... waiting till last to show him the Quan Yin, the object of my pilgrimage. Always my last visit... I swear I saw her... him... bathed in  light... a pneumbra of light. I was in love...


  1. Dearest Jacob, in search to replace my Quan Yin with Foo dog, that has gone missing( not to say stolen; / ). I found your picture, it drew me in.... and I am touched to tears by your post. Tears are a river of strengh or so I tell myself. And your post has restored the magic of Love that this very Quan Yin bought to me when I received her as a gift aswell as the hope the one I have lost represents.
    3 years ago I received a statue like the one in your picture and like U I thought her a she/he, lol, the compassionate rebel incarnate this one made me feel whole ;) Since she to me is self-love regardless of how I am seen by others I feel bathed in warm pink light by QUAN-YIN when I sit with her in silence... prayer. Your post has lifted me spirit and reminded me to be forgiving, release the anger, blessing the one who took her for maybe they now will be moved to a space of love by her presence. Thank U for the picture that lead me to your touching post, she once again works her mystery.
    You see the lost one I encountered not knowing whom she was but bought it because it gave me a sense of grace... I am a dog lover and had never seen this type of dog and she represented the Virgin to me and that made it holy : ) Bought her, prayed to her and, a week later found myself owning a Lhasa-Apso, inspite of the fact that I was traveling alot due to business and my family was angry at my "crazy" purchase, he has been the Joy of my our lives for 11 years now n he looks like a foo dog ; )
    .Namaste' Immaculada Concepcion sending U love & light xOx

  2. I hope that your dog finds her way home,