Thursday, August 7, 2014

Artists, Break Free from the Capitalist Market!

keep throwing these messages in a bottle out into the wake...I mean, how we artists need to free ourselves from the capitalist trap. I would think supposidly creative people would be more hyperattuned to this.. and dig the challenge... but most, even those who pretend to radical messages... just roll over and hope to be fucked by the gallery comodification investment model... like maybe they'll get knocked up and give birth to a zillion dollars. Kinda disgusting.

Compartmentalization... but what fucking kind of 'creativity' is that, that can't deal with the real world and how it uses our art?


  1. Plus you call these people whoever you're thinking of (whole, complex individual humans who create things) that are now reduced to disgusting failures, "we artists" but apparently not "we" enough to pass muster, you call them slaves.
    What's going on that you in the same breath recognize someone as a slave and also condemn them for their slavery?

  2. The failure is in limiting what constitutes success to the prevailing ideology, as though it defined all of reality.

    Creativity that accepts compartmentalization--art here, life there, is imagination in chains. In freedom, there is no longer, art and everything else, there's only life.