Saturday, August 2, 2014

This is the End, my friend... and maybe the beginning

I think there's reason to expect that these weeks of slaughter and destruction in Gaza--made visible for those who choose to see it through social media, is going to have broad ranging consequences in the future, its corrosive effect on the impenatrable solidarity of American Jews with Israel, just for starters. Which means a less certain stream of money to AIPAC, and, one can only hope, a loosening of Israel's stranglehold on U.S. representative and senators. But I'm thinking more along the lines of how watching the aftermath of the Iranian stolen elections--following if for week on Twitter--and then came the Arab Spring!  -- how this was yeast to the brew of social and political discontent essential to the Occupy movement. I don't see how it's going to be possible--not for those of us who have stayed close to the news coming out of Gaza outside the major media, who have followed the livefeeds, have obsessively shared photos and stories by Twitter and Alternet and FB--how it will be possilbe to return to 'life as usual' without being alert in every nerve and cell, waiting and searching for the time to come together that make is feel like we are addressing the horror we've witness, in ways that feel in some small degree proportionate to the provocation.

If people came to the Occupy encampments out of disillusion and rejection of the electoral political process and its institutions, this promises to have blasted a larger crater in any possibility of believing or living in the greater Machinery of world power. We see China and India, the rest of the Arab leaders, not simply indifferent, but complicit--realizing that what Israel is doing, they are fully prepared to do with their own troublemakers. No wonder Bashar al-Assad is still in power--after waging a years long war against his own peoples! That's how it works! That's how this whole fucking bloody machinry of power works! Held together by money and its institutions and the on-going privitazatiion of everything. What Israel is doing, what Assad is doing--that's what's in store for anyone who resists the Machine, who seeks to build more humane relationships on the other side of Nationalism and Capitalism and it's tools of patriarchy and racism and enforced inequality and the propagation of ignorance and the raising of servility and complicty with tyrany to the supreme virture!

This is the end, my friend... the beginning of the end. Oh, let it be so. Let it be so.


  1. Of course and everyone's right to comment on anything any way you want. But Heaven forbid somebody expresses a difference of opinion. Its ironic to say the least your first name is an Old Testament Patriarch. I wrote on your FB page before you unfriended me that Israel's killings of innocents is wrong. Do you realistically believe that Jews, Arabs (including Palestinians), Christians can get along in a non secular , ie non Jewish state?

  2. Privilege and inequality by force create conflict. Abolishing privilege, with no special status for religion is the only way. Israel was wrong from the beginning. 750,000 people were forcible evicted when they resisted having their land and homes stolen. Do expect them to just lie down and take that? Would you? Gaza is prison. I would fight back if I lived there. Any normal person would. As for 'expressing a difference of opinion. I'm sorry, Lynda, that doesn't cut it. Would you concede that the Nazi were just entitled to their opinion when they wanted to exterminate the Jews?
    Israel is committing genocide. When 300 survivors of the holocaust say this, there is something terribly wrong. It's painful to have to give up belief in a myth, when it's been held for so long and deemed a part of one's faith as a Jew. Sometimes the truth is hard. And I will not argue with those who defend the deliberate, inexcusable mass murder of children. If you do, you are no better than were the Nazi's who argued that exterminating Jews was for the good of humanity, and while you hold to that, I have no desire to continue your friendship.