Thursday, December 1, 2011

Occupy Thought! proposal for an Occupy Critical Journal

I would like to see a journal--on-line, multi-lingual, but important to have cheap & easily reproduced and distributed print version (physical copy can be taken & read independent of electric digital wireless infrastructure access)--maybe networks of POD capable sites to reproduce on-line issues (see “Long Term Proposal for (Post encampment) Revolutionary Action”

Occupy Thought!

... on critical theory philosophy political analysis... moving beyond street chants and clever sign sloganeering--though all these would themselves make good subjects for analytical essays--even necessary -- to keep theory engaged with action & action informed by critical thinking.

Multi-disciplinary. Drawing on whatever background writers bring to the effort, but, like Occupation process--thinking form the ground up, working to construct thought from experienced reality, building on what is new and contingent with emerging situations--not forcing the movement into existing ideological boxes; eclectic over orthodoxies. LIke the Occupation camps--embodied, physical, materialist & action oriented rather than idealist and abstract.

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  1. Good idea. See Boston Review anthology by Stanford professors, Occupy the Future

    Democratizing critique while keeping the signal-to-noise ratio high for an infinite number of readers' and writers' various editorial criteria is something online, Open Source software platforms are well able to do today, given dedication of maintainers. Consider your desiderata with an eye towards what off-the-shelf, cheaply or freely hosted Open Source platforms can do, and who will commit the needed time to configure and maintain such an ecosystem of ideas.

    Don' rush to an online service even if free - very capable platforms can be hosted for a few dollars with complete control of content. Details when I have computer in front of me.