Friday, May 28, 2010

Poetry Reading: Mostly Books. Kim Gek Lin Short, Benjamin Winkler, Jacob Russell

Mostley Books
529 Bainbridge
Friday, June 11

Benjamin Winkler, Kim Gek Lin Short, Jacob Russell

This will be a first public reading of my 7 day cycle: observation exercise, walking meditation, pilgrimage of the ordinary.

From private to transitional to public space, ending in the political heart of Philadelphia: City Hall Courtyard.

Forty-two paired stations, the first, concrete, immediate impressions--and with each, a translation... an AfterWords of Transport. A journey with my Spirit Stick.

I'm honored to be reading with Kim  and Benjamin.


  1. And I'm honored to be reading with you and Kim, Jacob.

  2. Honor's good. Honor's a good thing. But no duty. Let's not do our duty, okay? Honor without duty. That's poets. With duty... with duty, I don't think we'd be poets. We'd be Marines. That's what we'd be... and courage. Isn't that how it goes? Only there's some Latin in there somewhere. Forget the Latin. With Latin you have write hexameters or something. Courage is okay too. But not with duty. And no hexemeters. Duty plus hexameters spoil fucking everything!

  3. So where's this Latin stuff come in anyway? American's don't speak Latin. I mean, not when they go to the ACME. Or the State Wine and Spirit Store. No Latin if you want bottle of Merlot. Romans. They used Latin when they went to the State Wine and Spirt Store--and look what happened to them? They became a fucking EMPIRE. Is that what happened to us? U.S. Is that what did it? The fucking Latin? I bet it is. And duty. Goddamned duty. Duty, Latin and hexameters--do it every time!