Monday, May 3, 2010

The Grim Human Reaper

the great human reaper machine grinds away mowing down destroying life... we say, look what the guy up there in the cab so high over us all at the wheel of that terrible machine, look what he's doing! What a bad person! What we need is a GOOD person.. so we elect a good person who climbs up into the cab and takes the wheel and the reaper reaps away bloody awful as it always has ...

When we gonna learn, not enough to blame the person at the wheel, we gotta change the fucking machine!


  1. I think we are learning that, Jacob. It's happening.

  2. I shake my Shaman Stick at the world and say like Sun Ra--I wanna be from someplace else--not THIS planet... except I really like the whales... and dogs. My home planet would have to have dogs.

    Oh but Jacob, dogs emerged from the whole interconnected web of life... you want the dogs, you gotta order the rest of menu