Thursday, December 3, 2009

Molly's Bookstore is Back!

Off for a brisk walk down Passyunk, 9th Street--shake the cobwebs from my brain this dull December afternoon... what's this? An old man in a hoodie bent over a bin of 33 rpm records and... books. 

Books? Here? The Zagger mosaic on the wall above the sidewalk bin says that... yes, this is the place... and there's the old sign...

Molly's Bookstore!

Sad day back in July of 2008, Molly's books became a homeschooling project (still is) ... than  a health food store... then..  I lost track.

Today, it's a bookstore again. the Molly's Bookstore sign is back in the Italian Market, 1010 S. 9th Street, a little spot of light in the December gloom.  

Here's a Webpage recently appeared... still underconstruction. Check on it later for the news of the opening. 

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