Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Neoliberalism Reviewed: David Harvey

Reactionary assault on progressive democratic liberalism after WWII.

Alex, of Je est un autra: review:

David Harvey’s book, A Brief History Of Neoliberalism is the modern classic Marxist mid-range study of the emergence of neoliberalism as an attempt to reconsolidate class power lost after the brief WWII period of Keynesian embedded liberalism and progressive social democracy. The following is offered as a attempt to fill in the gaps that Harvey omits, critique a few elements of his work and provide notes on other fascinating literature in this field.

As a mid-range work it suffers from omissions of certainly complexities, as well as detailed studies of the development of local ‘actually existing neoliberalisms’ as is becoming increasingly common in the literature and is utterly necessary in describing how local populations were and were not able to resist changed[1]. The books deficiencies are ably described in Philip Mirowski’s fair but critical review[2], which I will sumarise and supplement. Cont reading HERE

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