Monday, October 12, 2009

Andy Breslin Gives the Real Dope on Columbus Day


And, as one Rant deserves another!

Come on, ol' Chris just did what most anyone in his time would have done, given the opportunity... with the exception of the slaves he shipped back to Europe, targets of genicide, the totally destitute and utterly powerless...

Hey--just like our times!

Okay... the Corporate slavers are better at covering their tracks these days, but just about as effective in convincing those they exploit, sell into prostitution, whose houses they steal and leave to die--that they're really the good guys, the backbone of the American Dream, scorge of Tearists everywhere, builders of Casinos where Joe Six Pack can send his grandma to spend her last days trying to win a gazillion bucks at the one armed bandits!

Neil Bluhm--get the fuck out of Philadelphia, go back to Chicago and give someone worthy a couple hundred mil to save the Cubbies and Wrigley Field! Come on, Neil... even you can make a difference!
so... Reconsider Columbus Day


  1. Thanks for the link! But you actually linked to the wrong rant of mine. The Columbus one is:

    You linked to my Grayson-inspired backhanded apology. Another good rant, IMO, but with nothing to do with Columbus :)

  2. Oh hell, a rants a rant! Picky picky picky!

    (correction made)

  3. Russell primarily :::

    gawddamngooddog poem o'er der on the Writer's Cafe dude!
    jacks up WCW's proposition that poems are like
    "simple machines"
    also works weal well off the "bob and wheel" Fr. forms and more important at least as well as EBishop's [after the House That Jack Built model]"Pound At St. Elizabeth's..."
    Most of all 'cause 'tis a goodly example, I feel personally, of Projectivist, "composition by field"--- situ-able to Amerikan much derided
    (derrida'd !? ) attention spans.

    'Nuff sd.

    Also d'ya mind if I were to link the audio, thanks for that by the way, of last Sunday's PAPP symp. to ULA ( and it's literary blog(s) ULAMaifest and/or ULA Critique. With accredit-ing to you of couse?

  4. Well, the PAPP audio should be credited to PAPP... and they invited anyone to link it, so guess it's ok. I saw this first from CW Conrad's notice on PhillySound (he was one of the panalists--and a major personal force in promoting poetry here in Philly.

    The Barking Dog poem is an old one... but my most recent poems are closer to Barking Dog than the one's I wrote in between... maybe cause I'm been reading a lot of Oppen. You in Philly?

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