Sunday, May 10, 2009

Found Things

 In the beginning congealed out of Nothingness Becoming gathered itself together and grew into a Cosmic Egg. Half silver and gold, half shit and dust. The later was Heaven, the former, the late great planet Earth (though some held it to be the other way around). For countless ages the Egg of the World sat on the mantle over the decorative electric fireplace (complete with simulated chimney flue) of the Hendricks family of Wheaton, Illinois. One day when Queeny Hendricks was weeding the garden she discovered a cat... or, as she liked to tell her neighbors, the cat discovered her. Falling under its spell, she let it follow her into the house. That very night, the cat leapt onto the mantelpiece and brushing against the Egg knocked it to the floor where it shattered on the artificial marble hearthstone below, scattering shards like stars--particles of Heaven and Earth rising into everlasting confusion. 

Never fall under spell of Found Things.


  1. Sweet... and funny! Thank you Jacob. Forget about reviewing Ish Klein's book; Queeny Hendrick's sounds more promising.

  2. I should certainly give you a nod in reminding me where this began--with your recent posts on Found Things. And Levi Bryant--his wonderful post today on name changes on Larval Subjects--another major theme in this novel.

    Oh, but Ish Klein's book really does deserve a review!

  3. Here's the link the "names" post on Larval Subjects.

    Set off quite a buzz for me... after decades of bouncing from one thing to another, wasn't till I took on the name I use now that began to ... play seriously... at writing. My personal history when it comes to names--when I'm asked why I changed mine (wouldn't be be the first time), I'm reduced to mumbling incoherently.