Saturday, May 2, 2009

Black Tie Affair

It was a black tie diner: band (much too loud), cocktails, long speeches honoring the eleemosynary exploits of one A.Gold; women dressed like ice cream cones: wrapped and tied in enormous bows--glittering, pointy heeled, hovering among the men like jungle parrots in a rookery of penguins.


  1. very nice. I like the ice cream cones!

  2. ... with the cream spilling out over the top of the cone..

    I so look forward to getting back to posting here. Tomorrow, Finals. Who knows if I'll have another year teaching. My Faculty Observer disapproved of how I pronounced "Chaucer."

    I can only imagine how the various ways members of that imagined pilgrimage would have pronounced his name... none, I suppose, with a Chicago accent... but none the less...not many in our reconstructed notion of the "proper" London version... as much as I love teaching, there are moments when I can imagine being happier passing a hat and reading poems on the el.