Monday, June 30, 2008

The Man Without Qualities: The Movie!


Groucho Marx as Ulrich!
Margaret Dumont as.... Diotima!

Maybe Groucho's a bit of stretch, but for all the many times she's described as a great beauty (a large, tall, plump beauty, we should note) I cannot erase from my mind, in every scene where she appears, Margarete Dumont as the perfect incarnation of Diotima.

Is Bonadea meant to sound like a French pun? What does one call the invention of a nymphomaniac who won't leave your protagonist alone... if not a good idea!

Something about Musil's humor--so broad and generous, with this wonderfully restrained, yet almost Vaudevillian undercurrent. Maybe Groucho isn't such a stretch...

... only with humor, do we rise to the truly sublime.

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