Sunday, June 1, 2008

Blog Connections: A reality check

Thursday night I saw a report on the news of a tornado in Kearney, Nebraska. A double grabber for me: tornadoes (see HERE ), and books... Kearney was the site of Richard Powers' The Echo Maker.

I average around 30-35 visits a day. Now and then, 50-60. Once--72. That night, I had more than 200 visits in the next two hours. Next day: 270.

Easy to be impressed by such numbers. How many people do you see or talk to in any given day? Over a relatively short span of time--visits from hundreds of cities spanning the globe. Aren't we special, we members of this virtual global community. How old fashioned the old publishing model...

But then, those old fashioned publishing houses, now and then, will sell a million books in the course of a year. That's 2,740 a day (rounded off). My 270 hits on a single day? If every one was a sale... not even 100,000.

The weblogs that get millions of visitors: politics (Daily Kos), or technical stuff... porn sites, collectively at least.

Literary blogs? Book blogs? Small fish...

Think about it...


  1. I think the smaller traffic is a positive - less noise. And by the way - feed reading accounts for a lot of traffic too.

  2. Feed reading... the kind of traffic with 0 seconds 1 page read visits.

    Smaller traffic is definitely a positive... a necessity for conversation, discussion. What a web log is good for. One should not be deceived into confusing a blog with a publicity vehicle. Or trying to use it as such.