Monday, February 25, 2008

New on Letters from a Librarian

Meditations on Virginia Woolf and Eliot, images for the mind and eye. If you haven't visited this site, wait until you have more than few seconds. This is a site to savor, not to scan. Clavdia Chauchat (from the Magic Mountain) does needlework, embroidery. This takes patience. Her writing is like that, patient, threads of different colors, lines of thoughts drawn out, cleanly woven into emerging patterns. Letters from a Librarian, like Japonisme--web logs as works of art.


  1. Thank you! Such kind words.

    I had a chance over the weekend to read through your short story A Theology of Anorexia, and would love to talk to you about it ... maybe via e-mail?

    and thank you SO much for your support of my writing. It feels great to be writing again, and engaging in conversations and discussions.

  2. Your blog (such an ugly word!) ... [[Letters from a Librarian]] is put together with such obvious care, intelligence and attention to detail--it's a pleasure to visit.

    I'd certainly be interested to hear your thoughts on my story. Either as comments or email... I believe the address is in my profile.