Friday, July 11, 2014


I went to the protest in front of the Israeli counselate to day in Philly. I was happy to see so many protests world wide, but they aren't going to change anything. Israel has no conscience to appeal to . Those Israeli's who do, are effectively silenced. American Jews, who could make a difference, are hiding from the reality, unwilling to acknowledge the horrors that Israel has committed, and afraid to take a public stand. 70 years after the holocaust, nothing has been learned. Not even by those who have most reason to have learned.
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  2. American Jews could make a difference. What has happened to this once progressive and vibrant polity? Sixty years of making Israel its priority--a massive dose of novacain to the conscience.

  3. The American Jewish community has to kick their addiction... else they will keep pouring cash to Israel, and to lobbyists. It would take such a massive boycott to counter that. I think this has to be directed back to the American Jewish community... in a way that has no stink of anti-semitism (those fucking Rothschild conspiracy posts that keep showing up on FB don't help!)

  4. There is clear connection betwen USA colinization/extermination of the the North American peoples, and Israel... and American support of Israel. There's a mythical connection... that amounts, in either case, to an aplogly for genecide.
    Please, American Jews--who have done so much in suppport of labor, social justice, racial justice--kick the Israel heroin habit, wake up to reality! Reclaim your historical place ... zedik zedik... let Justice prevail!