Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In a Patriarchal Empire, Sex is POLITICAL!

I had a discussion a few days ago with someone who couldn't accept that sex is political. Some things, he insisted, like sex, are just what they are. Yes, if you're white and straight and never thought what it must be like to stray as an alien across the borders of normativity. How could he not see the relationiship between our outrageous immigration policies, and sexual boundries? That they grow out of the same place--out of our bodies before our minds have invented the words we need to confuse and subvert the truth? I'm okay with being open with what I think, what I feel--but what I've been posting about coming out... has been more conscious, more intentional. I have to push myself... but it's because of that heart rending post, HERE and what it tells about us--about ALL of us, that it seems to me nothing less than a obligation, a personal duty, to explore what this means out in the open. Adding to Sarah Dowling's words --that 'poetry is the discourse of weird people." ... an other step: that if only we can make the world safe for weird people, it will be safe for everyone. And in our glorious diversity, their will be no more weird people... because we will understand, at last... that we all wonderfully weird! And nothing could be better than that! #smashgender See what people are saying about #smashgender

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