Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I make stuff... assemblages, paintings.. is this 'art?' I don't know. Used to be artists would think there might be a future where what they did would give pleasure, would expand the visiion of future generations. But we don't have that now. There's only, 'now.' It's pretty clear the power elite are psychopathes, concerned about nothing but their own delsusional idea that THEY can survive, even as they orchestrate the destruction of the rest of us. It's a relatively new idea... making art with no concept of 'posterity.' That there will be no one left to pass this down to. If Van Gogh were working now--there would be no future generations to appreciate what he had done. There is no comparable fantasy for working artists in this, one of our last generations. You just do it anyway... cause you have to. Like Camus' doctor in The Plague. You go about your business --though you know there is no hope. You cannot save the victims of the plague. And we are all victims of this plague.

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