Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mr. Joyce--thanks for having been here.

Up at 7 AM. Didn't even hurt much. Haven't seen 'em cause I haven't been there, but I know there's been flocks of robins on the lawns of SJU and Fairmont Park for at least a week now. Makes me think how words that might have passed away like extinct organisms hook themselves up to some phrase or idiom and survive, like the mitachondria in every cell in our body that once were independent organisms and still preserve their own DNA.

Harbingers.... as in, harbingers of spring. Robins. Don't know that I've ever heard that word in any other context. So maybe waking up at 7 AM, maybe that too is a harbinger of spring--the end of winter hibernation mode.

And by the way--happy birthday, Mr. Joyce. Died the year I was born. Born this calender day, 1882. I'm so glad you lived on this planet. Woulda been a sadder stay for me without you. Here's to your memory.

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