Thursday, November 1, 2012

My take on Bloomberg/Christie endorsements

My take on the Bloomberg, Christie endorsements. The real power, the big money, has been either actively courting and financing the Tea Bagger Xian Taliban populist movement—for their votes. They have no interest in sharing actual power with any real populist they can’t control. Coal and oil are big money. Lies, counter-propaganda, buying scientists willing to whore themselves, whatever it takes to delay the inevitable and keep the money teat flowing. Global warming (which they euphemize as ‘climate change,’ cause it’s easier to explain away the human contribution), has suddenly blown up in their faces. Time to pull the plug on at least this part of their pseudo-populist propaganda machine. They knew along. They’re not themselves ignorant.
Bloomberg and Obama? Think about it. Is this really something to cheer about? Yes, as far as it goes in addressing the reality of climate change. This is arguably the most important issue we face… I say, “issue” … what I mean is, ‘crisis’, global life-threatening crisis.

But Bloomberg? Obama?
Bloomberg—that dedicated enemy of dissent, of constitutionally protected free speech… and Obama… dedicated to the prosecution of whistle blowers, deportation, drone war murderer, defender of an endless war on ‘terror,’ denial of due process and indefinite detention… and most telling—willing servant of Bloomberg’s own financial elite?
Is this something we are to applaud? That we see a glimpse of reality through the screen… yes, for that. But look at that reality closely. We’ve learned to revile Bloomberg for his war on peaceful dissent, for his private army of uniformed thugs. And now? Now we see all the more clearly the false dived between Democratic and Republican parties… when reality forces their hands… they shake hands and stand together. And it’s not for us. It never was, and never will be.

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