Saturday, October 6, 2012

Art: Just Compensation without Ownership

In that the artist's need for just compensation is in conflict with the need to free themselves and their work from capitalist commodification:

Terms of release from the artist or collective to the custodian into whose care the work is received.

Believing it is a violation of the human spirit to treat either a person or a work of art as a commodity--rather than offer our work as objects for sale, we will accept what we mutually agree to be fair compensation for our labor and time, and in return--in appreciation for your material support, you are free to accept this work as a custodial trust in perpetuity. At such time as you may choose to pass this work on to others, you will accept no more in compensation than the value of your initial contribution to the artist or collective from which you received it. You understand that in receiving this work, you pledge agreement with the principles and terms of this statement, and to never to treat it as an item for sale or use as an investment.

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