Sunday, September 16, 2012

Damn cops

Please, don't tell me your uncle and grandfather were policemen, and what good people they were. Whatever they once were (and that this was ever different is problematic), they are the thug-force for the predictors, the moneyed class, and their job--however individuals may rationalize it, is to protect the orderly transfer of capital--and those who are essential to that task. Whatever they do beyond that... is part accident... and part, that some sort of general order is needed for their primary goal. If you don't count--don't belong, are nothing more than a pawn in the system--you will be fucked, neglected, beaten, harassed... which is also part of that job--keeping the exploited class intimidated, the marginalized in their place. Cops are themselves a pariah class, servants to do the dirty work of the predictors.
Cops are hired to protect property, and those who have it. Period. The more property, the more protection. If you have nothing, you are dirt to trample under their feet.

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