Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Old Man Heading Home...

I sit in a room with stacks & stacks of boxes... two days work, and not done yet. Organizing for the move tomorrow. I'm good at this...organizing physical space. Downside, that I've managed to get so much STUFF in a single room apartment.

   Exciting and a little scarey... good scarey. If you're not a little anxious about the next move, you got nothing to look forward to but death. To a gritty concrete cave of a room in warehouse... with some awesome roommates, and a fantastic view of the city from the roof. Urban pioneering again. Not bad, about to begin my 72nd year.

   I think I'm most excited--along with being in a collective living space again--being able to do art... I've got years of accumulated ideas... Found Things, and my first "project"... the scare quotes in deference to Dottie Lasky's wonderful essay/chapbook: "Poetry Is Not a Project" ... is a Poem Tree. Lilla has a perfect tree, dead tree.. at O.U.R. Gallery... that I'm going to make into a poem tree to Change the World ! ... but drawing and found things and poetry... bring them all together... in mind, in space and time....  
Feel like this has where I've been going for the last... for all my life: bringing all the fragments of my life into a single stream. Writing, fiction.. poetry... was almost there...but the PHYSICAL BODY LIFE ART ... missing. Can't do pottery now... though... who knows? ... but visual art... where I grew up, married to poetry, to IDEAS, to REVOLUTION.
   I thought I couldn't be happier with my life in the Philly Poetry family... it's only getting better.

An old man heading home at last...

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