Sunday, March 18, 2012

Art is the enemy ....

ART is the abortive MONSTER that came into existence when primary communal social organisms were SHATTERED BY FORCE, the radioactive particles released smash and mutate cells of hierarchical power--waging perpetual war with All Things Owned and All Who Own, a cancerous growth in the Body Politic, such that those who make themselves the Instruments of Force, in terror of its power, seek always to control and use it-- imprisoning it in Canons and Museums guarded by Gatekeepers and servile Establishment Critics charged by the Instruments of Force with preventing by any means possible its securing once again that FREEDOM which is also its death, that is, the end of ‘ART’ as a THING disembodied from LIFE, hindering and delaying but not forever, its return and dissolution back into the communal body from whence it came and whence it shall return.

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