Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Strategy Retreat

My thoughts on this question from the form sent out to Philly Occupiers: What are some of your goals for this strategy retreat? What do you hope will be accomplished?

The structure of unity in diversity: discuss & define respective roles of GA & WGs... not definitions of what they are or of process, but a picture of how as parts, they come to make up a whole--and how THAT might better help us think about the role of process and a more harmonious OP

Revolutionary versus Reform models of action. To what degree are they compatible, and to what degree, incommensurate.

How can we build consciousness of being part of an INTERNATIONAL movement--from the smallest local unit to our interoc gatherings and regional assemblies

How does technology effect our democracy? A different way of using the metaphor of transparency' -- here, as the window or lens that defines, frames and limits our vision without our seeing it or acknowledging its effects.

How can we have a greater involvement in ALL the arts: drama, poetry, visual arts--and the aesthetics of everyday life.

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