Monday, September 26, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Movement links HERE

I'm writing an account of the day with more specifics, hope to have it up later this afternoon.

Meeting: Wooden Shoe Books Thursday, Organization for OccupyPhilly!

I did. I spent the day.

I came away impressed that this was a transformative event.. but as though it were something that confirmed what i knew... transformative for those who were there, but ... and then, sitting in a bar after I came home--got engaged in a conversation with a machinist... a loooong conversation... and I found myself responding in a way I'd never been able to do before... and it was long, and hard work... but at the end, I realized... me too .. me too it changed me. It really did. Just one day. So GO if you can! listen! Participate! Learn! And come away with a new sense of reality

I plan to take the Chinatown bus to NYC tomorrow... gather info, hang a poem on a tree, find what can be done from a distance.

Go to end of post for draft of Principles of Solidarity

Oberman on blackout of media coverage

More coverage and info for donations HERE

6:00 EDT

Call 1 888 692 7233 Police Hdqts NYC. Demand they release info on those detained. Some have medical conditions and need treatment. Please share link tweet this Occupy Wall Street


Police have brought meshnets to Liberty Sq


Mass police staging. Flood phones, NYC Police 718 520 932, as for release of those arrested for exercising their constitutional rights.


Cops order umbrellas taken down when rain starts... as 'safty hazzards'... strategy to make it progressively more difficult to sustain protest

3: 35 live feed back up

Sat. 3:05 EDT

The livefeed is down and looks like it's been blocked. Police beatings, arrested facilitators in last hour.

I have contacted people interested in a solidarity protest -- an OccuyPhilly sustained sister campaign to stand with NYC, Chicago, Kansas City and other actions. If interested, comment here or go to my profile for email address. Follow on FB, Twitter and Google+

Sat 3:17

Counter Media blackout--find links, Youtube on Occupy Wall St action, link share make viral

Here's the line to Occupy Wall Street live feed


Posted on September 24, 2011 by NYCGA

What follows is a living document that will be revised

through democratic process of General Assembly

On September 17, 2011, people from all across the United States of America and the world came to protest the blatant injustices of our times perpetuated by the economic and political elites. On the 17th we as individuals rose up against political disenfranchisement and social and economic injustice. We spoke out, resisted, and successfully occupied Wall Street. Today, we proudly remain in Liberty Square constituting ourselves as autonomous political beings engaged in non-violent civil disobedience and building solidarity based on mutual respect, acceptance, and love. It is from these reclaimed grounds that we say to all Americans and to the world, Enough! How many crises does it take? We are the 99% and we have moved to reclaim our mortgaged future.

Through a direct democratic process, we have come together as individuals and crafted these principles of solidarity, which are points of unity that include but are not limited to:

Engaging in direct and transparent participatory democracy;

Exercising personal and collective responsibility;

Recognizing individuals’ inherent privilege and the influence it has on all interactions;

Empowering one another against all forms of oppression;

Redefining how labor is valued;

The sanctity of individual privacy;

The belief that education is human right; and

Endeavoring to practice and support wide application of open source.

We are daring to imagine a new socio-political and economic alternative that offers greater possibility of equality. We are consolidating the other proposed principles of solidarity, after which demands will follow.

1 The Working Group on Principles of Consolidation continues to work through the other proposed principles to be incorporated as soon as possible into this living document.

A post on Philosophy & Politics

This is an official document crafted by the Working Group on Principles of Consolidation. The New York City General Assembly came to consensus on September 23rd to accept this working draft and post it online for public consumption

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