Friday, December 24, 2010

To All Who Time Carries on Her Flood!

This year Xmas has flowed around and past me, leaving me largely untouched and un-annoyed--I REALLY don't like the American Xmas--the total infantilization of consumer desire. In past years I could not wait for it all to be over... this year all the seasonal celebrations seem to have been absorbed by the bi-hemispheric-whole-Earth Solstice (both return of light, and of sleep and dreams) , the eclipse...
the flowering of poems, the rhizomatic subterranean spread of PoemTrees, the discovering of a truly Magical Hat, the ever emerging powers of Spirit-Stick-who-walks-with-me.

To all my many Friends--those close in body as well as spirit, those distant and unseen, but alive in imagination... which belongs to no one, not to me, nor any single man or woman or species, but flows through and animates all living Things (and all Things, live!), even as we in turn flow though time from year to year!

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