Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All Things Owned Are Slaves

All Things being owned and those who own are slaves   Things of nature living Things of mind or fancy THINGS in being owned are slaves -- you say -- my child husband wife -- you say my body & your body being owned No longer you who own but yours a slave as all things being owned are slaves All Things bought and sold imprison what is free in mine & yours & mine-not-yours Imprison as your boss imprisoned is by you as you by him and the great corporate slave of slaves & holder of slaves As all workers owned by wages owned in turn in buying selling making slaves of all the earth & all that's on the earth & in it Slaves his & hers & ours & my & theirs & Mine-Not-Yours When all things All things of nature living (& all things of nature live) & Things of mind & fancy Yes & none can own what lives Its hidden truth Its Being true are hidden being slaves For all things common are for all in need to nurture life & nurturing & all good works Not getting but begetting Begetting loves children & for making Making needed things Engendering All works of art and poetry To cling to more than what is needed -- HOLD to Things by words of ownership -- my & his & hers & yours & theirs & mine-not-yours is Theft & all who own are thieves & the laws upholding owning These are laws of theft & those who uphold them All officers and magistrates judges holders of public office are thieves & holders of slaves & the hidden powers of Things living (all Things of nature live) also Things of Fancy & of Mind their hidden life in slavery brews in secret poison that transforms their owners Drives them to greater & greater acts of theft & to acts of violence Brewing darker secrets darker powers in violence born in darkness & to die in darkness until all life in nature (& all in nature lives) driven By the hidden power of slaves For things living will not rest easy in a state of slavery but corrupts all owning & all owners to their destruction even to the destruction of all Things singing better in our graves than slaves for every Song & every Poem is a Song of Freedom & Destruction & every Poem is a Poem of Freedom & Destruction freedom from owning & being owned -- no my no mine no his no hers no theirs But only Ours in Common in the great Love that encompasses all Things to the end & to the very end of the poem that owns no end & none can own


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