Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jacob Russell: Poetry Available On-Line

                       READINGS (Youtube)
at Penn & Pencil, Painted Bride's Slam Bam reading
Germ Books, July 2010 2 Poems
Reading at Fergies, Philadelphia Stories, Spring 2011
At Robins: Philadelphia Stories reading  Winter 2008
3 in The Madison County Crier (scroll down)
1 on e.ratio
2 in Clockewise Cat # 21
1 poem in Philadelphia Stories
12 pages from Transport, Rondo 2, on Big Bridge, Poem to the End of My Days
         on Big Bridge
1 poem at Philadelphia Stories
4 poems on Retort
The last of these--the birth of Spirit-Stick-Who-Walks-With-Me!
1 poem at Danse Macabre
2 poems in Fox Chase Review
1 in The Battered Suitcase, Autumn, 2010
2 in Clockwise Cat
In Connotation Press
In  Scythe III
In   decomP Magazine.
5 poems in  BlazeVox
5 poems in  Critiphoria
2 poems in Conversation Poetry Quarterly pp 21, 22
Recipe for a Poem After a Busy Day on-line. Apiary Corporation (scroll down)
with poems by Autumn McClintock, Michelle Traverse, Laura Spagnoli, Deborah Marquez, Jacob Russell, Rachel Cualedare.
1 in Philadelphia Stories
In Pedestal 
Dog Barking in the Back Yard

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