Monday, February 22, 2010

Mountaintop Removal: Philadelphia Action

The state EPA in West Virginia has been ineffective, bowing to the pressure of Massey's whores, Rockefeller and Byrd et al. Come to the offices of the Federal EPA in Philadelphia where decisions are made and permits given or denied for mountaintop removal. One of the ridges targeted is now crowned by a wind farm--the coal pigs are out to destroy it in their relentless march backwards toward the destruction of life on the planet.

Come to 16th and Arch, Monday March 1, 11:00, outside the offices of the EPA and let remind them of what are appointed to do--which is not to serve the interest of a major  criminal, enemy of labor, democracy and human life, Don Blackenship, CEO of Massey Energy

To see how mountaintop removal is affecting communities, check out this trailer to the film: Burning the Future

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