Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Corporation is NOT a person!

Santa Clara County versus Southern Pacific on steroids...

So much for 'strict constructionism,' the U.S. Supreme Court elaborates on the unconstitutional myth of 'corporate personhood.'

Sign HERE to support a Constitutional Amendment to reclaim the 1st Amendment for people, not abstract inventions. Enough of these corporate criminals, who stuff money up the butts of the whores in Congress and the Supreme Court to buy their loyalty, as they strip all but a diminishing minority of wealth, health, power and human dignity.


  1. A corporation is not allowed to serve on juries. Why not? Because at least someone somewhere has the good sense to realize that A CORPORATION IS NOT A PERSON!

  2. I doubt good sense has much to do with it. The Fuckwit Five just haven't gotten around to it. Or their billionaire buddies havn't made that payment yet.

    Fascist corpratocracy on the installment plan.