Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pedigogical Jouissance

A dream

Had forgotten that I had a class to teach, had no preparation. Found myself in front to my students, a book in my hand. Something by Lacan but didn't know what. I opened it at random and began to read and when I looked up, my students were no longer there. Before me, a lake, a lake I could not see across but knew it was very deep and could see strange forms moving below the surface which I knew to be my students.

I remembered this dream, not on waking, but in the shower and it both amused and frightened me and I found myself laughing as though at a terribly funny joke.

Is this what I secretly want to do to my students? Turn them into primitive subaquatic monsters?


  1. Aren't students already that? lol This is a great dream and ripe for interpretation.

  2. Woo... speaking of ripe for interpretation.

    I live on Broad Street. The central N-S artery in Philly... the sports complexes are all on the South end of this street.

    I live a block east of Broad in South Philly. Tonight the Philies won the World Series.

    What a circus... I stood on Broad for almost two hours as crowds passed... cheering them on, and on to the next level. We got the phillies... Obama next!

    High fives, cheers... toasts ...


    Still going on... Two days to recover, than four days full time. Well... if I drop before it's over, it'll be for a good cause.