Thursday, January 3, 2008

Andy Rants at the Movies

Here's a couple of nutshell movie reviews from Andy Rants

There's a whole string of them. Take a load off and check 'em out.

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill 8.5 Stars

No, Polly quite definitely does not want a cracker, thank you very much. This is a delightful documentary about parrots, and, like all good documentary films, it is also, by extension, about everything else in the universe not covered under the rubric of “parrot,” which is quite a lot, actually. It’s about love and life and death and the soul of the cosmos and the ineffable but undeniable truth that is everywhere and . . . ok, maybe I’m over-interpreting. It’s mostly about parrots.

Grizzly Man 8 Stars

Exit, pursued by a bear. Shakespeare scholars will get that joke. The rest of you can look it up. This is a documentary film about a guy who thinks wild grizzly bears are his big fuzzy wuzzy friends. Does this make him much crazier than the guy who befriends the parrots? Yes. Much, much crazier. Because parrots don’t weigh 1000 pounds, possess 6-inch long razor sharp claws, and eat documentary filmmakers for lunch. It’s very entertaining though, watching the soon-to-be-bear-lunch do his crazy thing. Note to those who like to emulate what they see in films: Parrots are really cool.

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