Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So What's Wrong? ... You tell me..

On a more serious note, this is a comment I left on Larvel subjects... you gotta go to the source to see the provocation.

A sufficiently documented understanding of sources that someone should keep a record of for analysis: the “Comments” left to the major on-line news outlets: CNN, ABC etc…

You get the same sort of Ignorance-over-Evidence arguments–with an even deeper sense of how this has opened to public exposure what has been out there all the time.
Second only to my primary reaction: (We are doomed!… ) the more important question.. as this is a new snapshot of our political ecology, not a new phenomenon ( or is it?)… have we not managed to kill ourselves off before, as we seemed bound to a collective death wish that not Freud nor Lacan nor Zizek nor anyone has seemed to have accounted for?

I mean that as a serious question. Is it only because we didn't yet have the means? No... we could have done it with missiles and thermonuclear warheads 45 years ago...

Do we have some deep need to live on the edge of extinction?

Pinker ! That's how our species lived for most of our history, right?

That we survived those first x-hundred thousand years on the edge... does that mean we are programmed to recreate our original survival conditions to the end?

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