Sunday, July 7, 2013

Page from my journal

Page 4741 from my journal, Vol 37-B, 9 years ago, after being hit by car.


  1. Hello! We met last night on a roof top the moon was orange and everything was really pretty!

    My name is Adam, I had animal bones around my neck and found you fascinating because you are fascinating.
    I really like this piece, it reminds me of my own work in a sense, I love the pain and violence and tension it portrays even if it is just a sketch sketches are the most honest form of art a stream of consciousness that doesn't need finesse to portray its meaning anyways
    you asked me to link to my own work so here is my work:

    deviantart is a terrible forum for sharing art but I found it a convenient place to publicly share my work

    if you want to talk you can email me at

  2. Thanks, Adam, for the comment and link. I'll check this out! That week (when I did this doodle), the lowest point in my recovery from that accident.