Friday, July 19, 2013

Every Garden is a Revolution Waiting to Happen

When some signifcant percentage of our food comes from gardens... individual, community, collectives, and we're not near 100% dependent of farms, we'll be way closer to a real revolutioin. Every garden is a seed, real and metaphorical, to a new world. Too few take the revolutionary potential of the garden seriously. It's real. It's not just fucking WORDS. We can talk and talk and talk... but plant a garden, nurture it, pull weeds in the heat of July--watch it! Observe! Learn from it! Spend time together talking about THAT--how to to expand them, how to use the garden to challenge the status quo in so many ways, in every community. And it's not just about growing consumable crops... that's farming. Think about invasives. On making a place for native species. On the whole idea of terroir! Local, indiginous... when you start thinking...really thinking, about GARDENS--the whole idea of the garden, which is never just an IDEA... I think there is nothing more revolutionary.
Garden in vacant lot back of the Ox.

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