Friday, July 26, 2013


41x35 Acrylic on composition board
Art for perpetual loan: Beyond bondage to the Market. 
I do not sell my art, The prices on the photos are what I would consider fair compensation, were I do so. Because an artist deserves material support, I am open to and encourage, but do not require, contributions, which can be a one time donation, or on-going, to be worked out case by case.
Art should be available to all, not primarily to the moneyed class. I offer very piece I make as a perpetual loan. All I ask, is that you agree in principle, not to sell or exchange for profit what you take.
For now, you can view some of work HERE, (scroll down) or make arrangements for a day-time studio tour of my studio at the Ox. We cannot defeat Capitalism, but we can replace it and make it obsolete.

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