Sunday, June 2, 2013

When Resistance demands more than Non-Violance

I've come a long way from a belief in non-violence, though I was never an absolutist--siituation is everything--why I refused to accept a CO classification (pacificist) from my draft board--and ultumitally arrested for refusing induction) . This is not an easy admission--not for personal reasons, but because I know that the use of force is never in itself 'just'... in that, those who perish, are more likelly to be those who are not culpable (there are no 'innocents". Nenetheless.. I cannot but accept, however reluctant--that it must come to this if we are serious about changing this order--this Empire of Money and Death. And if I believe this--that I must be willing myself to take that on, that resposibility. We cannot remain pacificts. Though those who do--are not necessarily complicit.. we need them, too. As healers. As medics. As mediators. Let us not attack them. But thank them... not everyone can be on the front lines.. but those who are first of all, healers.. we must honor and respect.

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